Sunday, February 15, 2009

Suna no Shiro and Stage Storm

I had nothing to do again, so I checked out the NCIS website for new releases. Then I saw it. The title was Suna no Shiro, but the weird thing was, NCIS only released the 2nd chapter! Click here to download it.

Anyway, I tried finding the scanlators or team who released the first chapter. The group's name was "Stage Storm". Looking through different websites, I found out that they had NO forum, website, or even an IRC channel for their releases! So where was I supposed to download the first chapter then? They already released around 20 chapters, so how come you can't trace them? It was really peculiar how they did their distributions. Maybe they just uploaded their scans to sites with manga viewers, or just contacted the people who host their releases? Who knows...

Finally, after searching and trying hard to find out where to get a chapter, I saw the first chapter in a free server uploader! Click here to download the file. It was quite a hard search, just to find one of their release. I wonder why they won't have a site or even an IRC channel to release their projects. That way, their fans won't be hassled. Or maybe that's what they want us to do? To really make an effort just to read their projects?

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the manga. I think it's great even if it's really old and the art is bad. The storyline is just so interesting! I'll keep you updated with its releases, if NCIS would continue to do it or not. I hope Stage Storm would make a database for their projects though... hehehe

EDIT: As I mentioned, chapter 3 of Suna no Shira has already been released by NCIS through mIRC (#ncis). I uploaded it at savefile for your convenience. Click here to download.

EDIT (2): Stage Storm actually has a forum! Click here to go there. Thanks Anonymous for the heads up! ^__^


  1. wow!
    Thank Goodness I found you! I feel so happy right now!!!
    I was trying so hard to find the first chapter of "Suna no Shiro"... I faced the same problems as you did!!! When I went to "stage storm" I saw nothing!!! hehe... Are they off, maybe?
    I was about to ask NCIS team to post the first chapter on their site... but internet is really something! I found you by chance and here I'm! Very glad after downloading "Suna no shiro" c.01, finally!!!
    Thank you so much!
    You're great!

  2. Hi!
    Sorry for being annoying but I would like to tell you that I've posted your address at NCIS site.. just to help those people who, like me, couldn't find the first chapter of "Suna no Shiro".
    (I don't know if my post will be accepted, though)
    Thanks so much, again, for sharing the chapter! You're very kind!
    See you!

  3. Sure! No problem! :) I love NCIS too, so it's really not a problem. I'm glad I helped you in some way...

  4. Wow... thanks!!
    Honestly, it's been bugging me as well... I wanted to start reading the series, but it seemed pointless to download from chapter 2 onwards without knowing how the story even begins. And though it must be a highly effective way to keep their money by avoiding paying for a server, it seems just pointless not to open something like a blog account in order to keep readers posted! Why's that, I wonder...
    Anyway, thanks a lot for the link! n.n *huggles*


  5. @random_username yeah... That's what I thought too, but Cass-san in NCISManga was saying how great the manga was, that I just had to find the first chapter of Suna no Shiro.

    You're very welcome! ^__^ I posted it so that others can dl the chapter... By the way, the 3rd chapter was already released by recently.

  6. there is a web but it is hard to find since the search name is not stage storm but rather it is something relating to the manga "glass mask" since that is their main project

    i had the site before but it was deleted from my computer so i can't find it now

    but there really is a site

    is the site

  8. velvet_nightmareMay 27, 2009 at 4:48 PM

    wow! thanks for the link! actually, i was looking for the website of stage storm and happened to stumble across your website. i'm glad i did coz i discovered a new series to follow. yey!^__^

  9. stage storm has a forum but it's pretty hidden ^^not obvious to those who want to find it quickly. I'm a member there

  10. is a very detailed italian forum about Garasu no Kamen full of informations. It also has an english section, stagestormforum is closed now...

  11. I went to Stage storm today and said access denied. So what if their forum is closed, anybody know where they go? If based on the link you gave, all I saw was Italian forum and please, I can not find anything English except for glassmask summary. As far as I know, this forum is not Stage storm.

  12. thanks for the link info about that stage storm group page :D

  13. stagestorm forum is closed.. they had some problems with some users and decided to close the forum. is an italian forum of course, but they're willing to let people interact also in english. So feel free to go there and leave a comment or interact.

  14. And now Murasaki no bara no Yume has a new url. Remember that you can feel free to interact:

  15. ehm.. sorry a mistype error.

  16. If stage storm closed and you can't find their translated manga then why the fuck did they even translate it in the first place when others can't get it -.- who the hell do they think they are?

    someone know where to get bride of deimos?

  17. yes i am also looking for the project 'masked clown' done by them but i jsut can't find it anywhere!