Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Devil and I

This is another late post. This event happened last year at around late November, I think.

My friends and I were walking towards the UP College of Law to eat lunch since the food there is great and cheap. Suddenly, my eyes were diverted into this huge car which looks like it could carry a coffin in it. When I looked at the car plate, I didn't know how to react.

I mean, I didn't know if I should laugh (because it was funny in a weird way), be scared ('coz that's my name with "666"), or be curious! Is the owner of the car named Ann, or is that all just a coincidence? Was the "666" deliberately placed there just to fit the theme of the car, or was it there just to scare me? *laughs*

If ever the owner of the car does get to read this, kindly explain the meaning to me. I'm still curious as to what it all means.

1 comment:

  1. im not the owner... but it sure was a funny experience for yah!!! hehehe...

    the owner might be a member of Pinoy Money Talk... ala lang...