Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vampire Juuji Kai Chapter 15

As the title states, "Vampire Juuji Kai Chapter 15". I'm an editor at VNManga. Loki gave me the raws to it a month ago, it had almost 40 pages, with a lot of pages which needed cleaning. Due to my tardiness, if a certain someone didn't remind me, and I didn't give myself a deadline, I wouldn't even have started it.

Moving on, I finished editing the chapter, and then I noticed that 2 pages were missing: pages 48 and 51. So, for those of you looking forward to chapter 15's release, I'm very sorry to disappoint you, but it's still incomplete. It's a medium-quality release, so don't expect too much.

In another matter, I noticed that the translator was very formal in her/his translations. For example, one part, where Lety said "U.... Uso!", which literally means "L... Lie!", the translator transliterated it into "That... That's a lie!". See what I mean? I do appreciate this translator better than the previous translations I had to work with. The translations were very good and I got to practice reading hiragana and katakana.

What I learned from this experience was, 1st, having to lie your way to extend a deadline is a big no-no and will make you feel really bad inside. 2nd, cramming is really bad for the heart, especially if you're blaming yourself. And lastly, I learned that I can edit manga with about 40 pages in just one day.


  1. *expresses wordless admiration*

  2. you speak jap?!! amazing... didnt know that before... paturo.... hehehe...

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